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Ludger takes us on a tour of JCM.

 October  2012 Update

Praise and Glory be to Jesus.

Thank you for your continued prayer and support. We are doing great by the grace of God. Its been a Missy time for the last month with my hubby being away. We miss him loads. Nevertheless I have been able to dedicate more time to JCM, I hang out with the kids a lot and also be strategic for future of the ministry even in my presence.
I am living at the Rescue centre  this has been very involving. Last week we rescued a 5 weeks baby (peter) whose mom died at child birth. He is so adorable. This has not come without its challenges, it means sometimes waking up at night, going to the clinic not just for Enoch but also for this dear one. We have 7 other children at the rescue, we are still compiling the profiles I will send them to you as soon as they are done. At this rescue centre we have children aged 0-6years.
Our older group 5-18 years includes the 5 children we rescued from Mau Narok more than 1 month ago. They are living with 26 other children in another children home as we await to complete the JCM house(they are being fostered in this home,we support them from there. I have attached their profile to this email.
Prayer Request and Needs
1. We pray for health in all the children( its not fun to go the hospital especially when its this many kids.)
2. Provision: Food , Medical ,school. (Basic needs for the children. approx $36 a month per child.)
3.Completion of JCM house:( approx $ 3750 )
4.Grace and strength to continue diligently in the Lord’s work.
 Thank you  so much and much blessings to all.
Irene Jesso!__jcm
Jesus is Alive.

Can you help us support one or more of these great children?  

Help give them a hope and a future.  Just $36.00/mo gives them a roof over their heads with people who love them, food and the ability to go to school.