Kenya A Mission of Mercy

This year our mission to Kenya saw us bring L.I.F.E. Teams to minister to people in so many ways.

Check out the blogs to see how you impacted not only the team but so many whom they ministered to in the Name of Christ.
During the week when we were not involved with medical clinics and ministering to Pastors the bulk of our time on the ground was spent helping with PureLoveNow ministries of Grace and Social Justice in Kitale and area, sharing the good news and teaching practical non-violent ways that the youth can be agents of change in their own community. Here is their website:

Thanks to all who helped with Donations! And to those who prayed for us daily!
If you can help next years youth L.I.F.E. Team as they prepare to minister in a foreign land may God Bless you abundantly for your generosity!
If you like, you can use your Credit Card through Paypal:

Would you like to be a part of future trips to Kenya? Email us or talk with Pastor Blake.