Week 6 – Matthew 14:22-33 Get into the Boat!

We were privileged to have  Missionaries John & Marlene Baerg come to Grace and share a bit of their journey of faith.    

Some might call it amazing coincidences other luck but as I set up HIStory- 52 weekly biblical challenge and chose which story would fall on which weekend this weeks story found in Matthew 14:22-33 was used by God to launch this couple into ministry more than 14 years ago.    This was totally unbeknownst to me.  Who but God can make such divine appointments.  

Watch and listen and be encouraged to “Get into the Boat!” and to “Step out in faith!”.


Read Matthew 14:22-33
1. What is the scariest experience you’ve ever had?
2. After feeding the crowd of five thousand people, what instructions did Jesus give His disciples? (14:22)
3. Where did the LORD go after feeding the thousands? (14:23)
4. What do you think was His reason was to go off alone?
5. What did Jesus tell the disciples to do before He left?  Was it smooth sailing for them? (14:24)
6. How did Jesus find them? (14:25)
7. What was the disciple’s reaction to seeing Jesus? (14:26)
8. What were Jesus first words to them? (14:27)
9.  Was Peter doubting when he asked  Jesus the question? (14:28)
10. What was Jesus respond to Peter? (14:29)
11. Did Peter step out in faith?  How did that go? (Matthew 14:29-30)

12. What prevents you from stepping out in faith?
13. How much Faith does Peter have? How much faith do the other 11 have when compared to Peter?  (Matthew 14:31)
14 . How did Jesus react when Peter got in trouble? (14:31)
15. When all was said and done with Peter what did the disciple conclude? (14:33)
16. What do you do for  devotions these days?
17. How would you  rate your level of faith on a scale from one to ten  (one being no existent, ten being  able to move spiritual mountains)? Why?
18. How is your relationship with Jesus? Can you recognize him or his voice in the middle of a storm? Matthew 14:26-28
19. How has your faith grown in Jesus?  What caused that growth?
20. What do you need to do toady to continue to grow in faith?


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