L.I.F.E. Teams

Personally, I believe that every person is designed to incarnate Christ by being on Mission and living in Community.

I define Mission as helping people  who are not “in covenant community” to find their way to a covenant community.  This could be our next door neighbour, the people we work with, or even people we don’t know across the world; “helping people” to become part of Christ’s community.  I define “Community” as the place where you come together to Worship Our Real King with a group of like-minded people that you are designed by God for Loving Intentionally For Eternity as you Pray, Listen, Abide, and Yearn together with Jesus Christ for His glory.

In short: I see the Mission of the Church is to “get out of the boat” to help people “come into the boat” (Community). That defines both and our Mission to our neighbours our Missions to Kenya, Mexico and where ever else God should lead us as well! We invite you to read and view the many stories that have seen our L.I.F.E. Teams in action.

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